Types of Cannabis Strains and cannabis seeds offered

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Types of Cannabis Strains and Seeds offered


Indica Creations

Bubba Kush is the backbone of our Indica  cannabis strains. Both the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Bubba Kush selected from the best Humboldt County breeders. They are crossed with some of the best Indica's for a flavorful potent crosses.  Bubba X Granddaddy purple...Bubba X OG Kush.... Pre-98 Bubba X Gorilla Grape... Bubba X Buckeye Purple

Hybrids Elite Creations

Anabolic Genetics has crossed the best High Times cannabis cup and Emerald cup winners to create totally new elite potent cannabis strains with unique flavors (terpenes) to give the most unique effects that are in demand. Blue Dream X Grape Ape X Gorilla Grape...Blue Dream X OG Kush... Blue Dream X Space Queen.... OG Kush X Outer Space aka (Cherry Cordial)... Durban Poison X Blue Dream...GG #4 and Granddaddy purple...GSC X OG Kush X Buckeye purple (Royal OG)... Gelatto Berry. That also goes to Sativa Hybrids crossing Sour Diesel X Durban Poison...Outer Space X Blue Dream,..Space Queen X Durban Poison... Chem Dawg X Outer Space and many more adding yearly. All are limited batches and come with a tested Profile from MyDX/cannabis. You will be ecstatic with the final product from these elite cannabis seeds.

Coming soon for 2021

Chem Dawg

Mendo Monkey (GG#4) X Hindu Kush

Sour  Diesel X  Hells Space

Black Kush X Bubba Myrle Lowe

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You can visit our Facebook page to see real testimonials like  from Victor Mendez,  Coachella Ca.

 "Anabolic seeds gave me the variety and colors of my product to WOW my customers. The potency was a home run when tested."

"I tried the Bubba Meryl Lowe and WOW we were blown away with everything....taste, looks and potency"...Bobby Martin , Indio, CA

"Anabolic genetics had the variety and potency I needed. Beautiful plants"...Cliff Wright , Yucca Valley,  CA

Our Genetics


Our breeding labs are located in the legendary green hills of Arcata in Humboldt County, California. Our dedicated breeders from this famous area are proud to present new genetic recreations and crosses of the finest select cannabis strains from around the world.

* Professional breeders in the billion-dollar cannabis industry, certified Horticulture degree holders with over 15 years experience in the Emerald Triangle- America's home of cannabis development.

* All strains are test-grown before release to ensure stability, quality and potency.

* We specialize in F1 hybrid crosses, new strains and the further development of AAA grade cannabis for the connoisseur.

* Regular Seeds ONLY! We believe in the preservation and continuance of quality cannabis genetics, and wish for our customers to have the ability to continue that tradition. We feel the shift towards all-feminized seeds will cause genetic bottle-necking, degradation and weakness as seed customers are left with limited cross breeding options.

* Female to male ratios are the standard 75% female, 25% male.* 100% germination, guaranteed. All strains are test grown before release.

We ARE NOT a SEEDBANK that carry hundreds of strain varieties.  We are more of a artisan breeders of unique top quality cannabis strains that are used with our acquired genetics from reputable breeders such as Dynasty, Nirvana, Green House Seed Co., Melvinotics, Captain Red Beard, 7 East Genetics, Sequoia seeds to name a few. It takes a minimum  year to grow out the seeds to find the right pheno and re-cross the clones to make F2 seeds. 

How can one purchase

Our delivery system is discreet and stealth. We reserve the right to refuse service to countries and areas that have strict restrictions and laws to cannabis seeds. Processing can vary by location. Please call or email inquiry. We DO NOT provide raw cannabis flowers, nor condone cannabis seeds with illegal activity. These are for collectors of new rare unique genetics of seeds. We may provide clones of cannabis strains but with an inquiry of where is is legal within the US. 

Display their FAQs

I have purchased some seeds and how do you know which are female?

A: Our seeds are F1 and F2 regular seeds. We try and look for female traits such as a developed volcano attachment but there can be males that develop. You as a grower, need to know how to tell which sex plants are when in Vegetative cycle by distance between nodes, hair development but really need to watch the first week in Flower cycle to notice development of pollen sacks ( Males). They will show within 2 weeks of being in flower but daily inspection is needed. Removal from Flower cycle immediately as careful not to cross fan airflow. Isolate males and harvest pollen or destroy as soon as possible not to pollinate the room.  

Q: Is there a refund for male plants that develop?

A: No male plants happen and males are a benefit if you harvest pollen.